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What's Your Healthy Addiction?

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

So much negativity impromptu gain attention in the spotlight. Author Addict is intentional about attracting people bold enough to share their healthy addictions and hearty tips in a poetic structure aiding positive legs and a new voice to the term, "addiction." Join me and many brave others in the race to reverse negative addiction publicity and place a much needed spotlight on healthy addictions today. By participating in the magazine, Author Addict, monthly contest, you will help us achieve this goal.


1 - Please refer to the website and travel to the EVENTS tab

2 - Scroll to the bottom, look for the Author Addict section

3 - To the right of the magazine image, look for several paragraphs

4 - Scroll down the paragraphs until you reach the 5th one containing info on the contest

5 - Click the VIEW MORE grey button to download the contest form.

Thank you.

Visit the web site to download this form
Healthy Addiction Poetry Contest

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