Parts of Speech - English Myth

MYTH: All pronouns are the capital words in a sentence.

A lot of people are told that in a sentence, pronouns or proper nouns are all the capitalized words or the nouns which need to be capitalized, right? So according to that belief - only the names of people, places, things or ideas become capitalized - do you believe this?

Did you know that a pronoun is a word that is used in the place of a noun? It is sometimes substituted for a specific noun, which is called its antecedent. Thats the entire simple definition of a pronoun. So according to definition, not all pronouns or proper nouns are capitalized.

Using the example below, say aloud all of the pronouns in the sentence.

The little boy handed me a really long list of things he wanted for Christmas.

Did your eyes look for the words that are used in the nouns place or perhaps its substitution for a specific noun - the antecedent? There are three pronouns in this sentence, (me, he, and Christmas).

The little boy handed me a really long list of things he wanted for Christmas.

Someone may ask - How can the words, me or he, fall into the same category as a pronoun? Well the words, me or he, can both be substituted for a name such as;

The little boy handed John a really long list of things Carol wanted for Christmas.

Got it. This myth-buster has been brought to you today by: Burgundy_ink_myth_busters.


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