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MARVEL: The Battle of the Sequels

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

The marvel brand is a name that will stay around for the long haul. Given much success to its movies yet alone the TV series, and comic book stores, Marvel has proven its ability to be considered a giant with no real competition in the cinematic universe, in my opinion. The success of this great franchise placed its gamble on continuing, altering or changing altogether the sequels that follow these great theatrical initial movie installments.

Personally, I can appreciate any Marvel sequel as long as it is not chasing the elements of its predecessor, can maintain a strong level of having a new direction, and possess articles of characters with solid definition. Let's see how the series fair out in my list of Marvels best ranked movie sequels.

Battle: A sustained fight - To stay number one in the Box Offices

Marvel's Best Movie Sequels Ranked From Worst to Best, (5=The Worst, 1=The Best).

05 - Spider Man: Homecoming

Outside of lacking dynamism, tone, and narrative structure, it was ranked, the worst, on my list due to its inability to deliver a captivating story direction. I grew up watching the friendly ole Spy-dy but this movie really disappointed and bored me. Considering the movie had a great cast and overall my son, (13 years old), some what enjoyed watching the film, I will - unapologetically - not be seeing this movie twice.

04 - Avengers: Infinity War

I was concerned with the strength of this third installment's direction containing so many lead characters. I was partially disappointed, however, on a few levels with this film because our dearly beloved heroes remained as flat characters and the appearance of Thanos - who's Greek name means death - resembling Grimace from McDonald's fantasy marketing world. There were a lot of hit and misses in this movie with so many super power conflicts and ego confrontations, but overall, this movie faired pretty well.

03 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

From the beginning to the end, this second installment left me almost speechless. I had great fun watching this entire movie as the gang of, so-called outlaws but we all just adore them, reunited for the sake of family. Delivering the complete movie-watching experience of laughing out loud to rooting on my favorite Guardians hero, Groot, Vol. 2 the movie truly surpassed its promotions and trailers as the fans were able to spend more time in this sequel just, "hanging out" with the characters.

02 - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Much to my surprise, this movie has become one of my most watched Marvel films, to date. I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the story, the well-rounded cast, character development, the antagonist - perfect in casting - even shocked me. I was filled with, wanting to see more and fulfillment, all at once by the end of my first preview to this second installment. I enjoy a good book but I love a great movie.

01 - Thor Ragnarok

No doubt, Thor's third heroic installment surpassed all the expectations on my Marvel sequel requirements list far more than I anticipated as it wasn't interested at all in chasing the first two intallments. What gave this movie its slight jump over Avengers: Age of Ultron is the way it displays the characters scoring for the mission rather than personal gain. Now that's a message everyone can relate to while watching a superhero movie. The movie shocked me with Thor's comedic opening lines, the alien worlds were unique and impressive, the amazing visuals, and all the characters became a standard for what round characters - in a great superhero film - look like. I was drenched with glee and admiration from start to finish as I surveyed this films complexities and excellence.

"Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with." -Avengers

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