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In February 2012, Burgundy Ink was established as a sole proprietorship and has maintained that status since its inception. As a natural part of life, growth is inevitable, things move forward. In doing so, Burgundy Ink evolved into a company offering a wide range of services based on the intersection of the founder's desire for spoken word and her passion for writing. Burgundy Ink offers services that allow clients to become part of a sprouting family, to utilize their talents and to receive recognition. In February 2018, that inevitable change occurred. Introducing Lavaughn T. Simmons, a creator who loves her own creations, Burgundy Ink presents its two latest creations; Intersections and Author Addict.

  • To attend, perform or compete in an Intersections Spoken Word Show, complete the Registration Form below, left. Performers, make sure to read the show's Rules & Regulations (red envelope on Registration Form), for eligibility requirements. 

  • For a complete Calendar of Events, notifications, and a brochure about our program, please view the calendar below.

  • Ticket prices per person are $15 in advance and $15 at the door. To pay in advance for our next show, click on the yellow-orange Buy Now button.

  • To download the Intersections Brochure and to learn more about our program, click the View More Grey Button. 



Uniting talent with opportunity, connecting testimonials to devotees and merging strength with iron are all two lines meeting at a point.  Ladies and gentlemen, those are the crossways and junctions forged in our congregation. Greetings, this is the corner of poetry and expression, home to originality and appeal. Intersections is a Spoken Word Society and a program offering poets and authors both a platform and an opportunity to address life's harmony and struggle which occurs at these intersections. 

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To make a donation and support our cause, please click the PATRON BUTTON below. Every $20 donated helps to support poets development, courses, membership and publication. Our competitions and prizes are the nucleus to the Intersections efforts. Thank you in advance.

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Let your imagination wander as you read the captivating multi-dimensional content of romance, fiction, and culture displayed by the editor and director, Lavaughn T. Simmons. Author Addict is a magazine and a monthly publication offering a voice and a home to lyricists who share the same addiction as the editor, a passion for writing. "Writing is my addiction, therefore I must indulge." as quoted by Lavaughn, the magazine's founder as she embarks her endless campaign to place a broader spotlight on healthy addictions in addition to always learning something new in the wonderful world of writing.

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  • Join the conversation. Every 1st Monday at 7PM, EST, Author Addict hosts a monthly webinar for moralistic zealous writers. See you there. 

  • What does the Author Say? Join a team of like-minded composers as they brainstorm and conceive information to create a stamp in time by constituting and implementing their own quotes and proverbs. These authors birth quotes with relevant knowledge to intrigue even the millennials. Can't wait to hear what they produce next. See you there, Every 2nd Monday at 7PM, EST.

  • Do you enjoy games? The members of Author Addict meet every 3rd Monday at 7PM, EST, for Game Night. Enjoy a fun evening with scholar minds reminiscing through literature's historical events while competing for points and bragging rights. Beat you there.

  • Become an Author Addict Member today and receive magazine updates, conversation notifications, information on author appearances, freebies and more. Click on the link below to join now.

  • What's your healthy addiction? If you write your response in a poem format, your poem could be entered into our monthly Healthy Addiction Poetry Contest. If your poem wins, your poetry could be featured in our next month's publication. Click the View More Grey Button for more info.

  • If you know someone who's healthy addiction is not getting that much-needed publicity it deserves, please refer them or their story to our recruitment department. Click the View More Grey Button for more info.

  • To download a sample of the magazine on this page, click the View More Grey Button. 

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