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Lavaughn T. Simmons

Published Author, Professional Editor and Accomplished Writer


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From my writing style to vocab enhancement for your term paper, poem, or book Burgundy Ink will form an insatiable hook.

Burgundy Ink has been in existence since February 2012.

Lavaughn's writing experience dates back to 1993.


The Importance of Hiring a Professional Writer


Hiring a professional writer will allow the expert to create the best tone for your idea or concept in a timely manner delivering high quality content.

You Don't Have To Be A Great Writer, You Just Need To Know One. Call Me Today.


September 2016 - I composed all the written framework, Layout Creation, Organizing, Proposal Writing, Project Management & Coordinating for The Watershed's website and ministry launching efforts. From Newsletters & custom Letterheads to Business Ads and more, I was glad to help.

Sep 21, by Name | 199 Views | 84 Comments

February 2015 - I assisted with the launching efforts of Legacy Commercial Capital. I created the company's infrastructure and all written materials, videos & modules needed to launch their brand.

Feb 07, by Name | 708 Views | 91 Comments

December 2005 - I designed nifty monthly Newsletters, church service programs, contracts and Ad flyers for the church, Bethesda Faith. I wrote relative articles, provided tips, story development, project editing, news & all announcements.

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I write poetry, books, songs, verses, blogs, scripts, short stories, catchphrases, quotes, commercials, journalism, and more.

I am an excellent editor and proof-reader.

I can assimilate large amounts of information quickly. I have keen research skills. I am familiar with relevant software and platforms.


Do you need help in gauging what will interest your readers?

Do you require assistance with reading comprehension?

Are you having trouble with researching background information for stories?

You need my expert writing, research and editing skills to service your project today.


Hire me because I have the experience, attitude and a track record of successful projects you're looking for to excel on your behalf.


Hire me because I'm smart, hard working, loyal and affordable. I'm amazing at what I do and every day I'll put in 110%.


Hiring me will make you look more awesome than you already are and make your life easier. Plus, I'll be committed to your project and all your written needs.



I'm a unique person with the ability to communicate spoken thoughts and ideas into a snappy, well-arranged story or verse.


I have excelled in written language skills since the age of 16 and have found myself always resorting to editing, Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation when reading magazines, books, and newspapers. After several career endeavors and setbacks, I realized that my gift and true purpose was present all along.


In the midst of song cataloging and after the completion of my first book, Christmas Hustle, I placed my focus on my strengths and my natural ability to be creative beyond the limits of ink and paper by helping others achieve their goal with my expert writing and editing skills. Helping others allowed me to see and understand my dreams.


Favorite Quote

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

-Dr. Suess

This quote became evident in my life per my new love.

-Lavaughn T. S.

Favorite Scripture

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Philippians 4:13

On the road to success, failure will cross paths with you. During those times I rely on my daily dose of who God is to me, He is my everything.

-Lavaughn T. S.

Favorite Poem

Life and Death

Written by: Rumi

This is the painted tale of one soul in pursuit of another. The words are the canvas, the reader becomes the artist. I enjoy the work afresh with every read.

-Lavaughn T. S.

Favorite Movie

Mr. Holland's Opus

This is my favorite because it reflects my story of revising the many lives & dreams of others while realizing my true passion. 

-Lavaughn T. S.

Favorite Song


Written by: Prince

Performed by: Prince

Album: Sign 'O' the Times

This funk 80's song and opening lyrics just reminds me that true love still exists. 

-Lavaughn T. S.


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